Ari Does Unhackathon 2014 (Live) – DAY 2


You couldn’t resist more, could you? Welcome back to NYC, to unhackathon, and to my mind.

Check out YESTERDAY.


00:20 – Settled in my host’s dorm, and taking a break to write up a day summary for yesterday. Yummy food in my belly, and reliable wifi in my electronics: life is good.

00:42 – Just finished a long argument with my hosts about Canadian Thanksgiving, and had to prove that US Thanksgiving is equally as arbitrary. We just have ours earlier because our harvest is earlier (winter is coming, kids).

1:21 – As my writing ability grinds to a halt, I think it’s time for bed. Oh boy, sleeping on the floor time! See you in a few hours, hackers.

7:10 – Hackathon time! My belly’s rumbling and I’m ready to check out the venue (please have food please have food).

9:21 – Opening ceremony swag, we’ve got lots of cool people from all different places and fields. YOU READY? WOOO. GET HYPED!


9:26 – We get to colour our own t-shirts? SWAG. Hackers, release your inner artist. Creativity at its finest!

9:31 – Lesson: Vowels are not cool. Ordr > Order. The fact that O is a vowel is irrelevant.

9:59 – Let’s HACK! This is a tight squeeze though; everyone’s going to get real “cozy”. I’m super excited to see what people make. Tweet @arielle_van with your updates!

10:13 – My team’s getting set up and ready to roll in Rails. Backend well underway! How are you doing?

10:19 – You know what sucks? Loading bars with timers suck. “3 minutes, 9 minutes, 8 minutes, 12 minutes, 2 minutes, 5 minutes…” COME ON MAN. That’s not how time works. Figure it out. Can someone write me a script so I don’t see these irritating “time” estimates?

10:44 –

“We have no errors because everything is perfect. We’ll pay for that later.”

10:50 –

“NOBODY touches my database”  – Bloomberg rep

11:44 – My teammates have brought out the redbull. The thing with caffeine: once you start, you can’t stop. Drink up to avoid the crash! When are you starting your caffeine streak?

11:49 –

“We’re all here to learn and f*** up.”

12:04 – My team is almost all set up for backend, gonna jump into ideation and design soon. YAY. You know you’ve made progress when some of your commits are called “Try to fix Jared’s f***up”. Getting hungry; my caffeine-pumped-up body needs some food/fuel sometime soon.

12:21 – Workflow and structure time: all hail whiteboards!

I <3 whiteboard walls.

I heart whiteboard walls.

16:07 – Afternoon Coding Update

This afternoon, my team whiteboarded it up, and got our whole hack planned out. We’re doing a team-matching software in Rails! Really weird to see just how many views and things are involved in even a simple app. Yikes!

I took a selfie, too:

Yay organizers!

Yay organizers!

I learned about all these crazy technologies that apparently exist, like git and trello. Super cool what you can do working in teams.

After, I started working on our basic HTML layout files. This is my first time working with HTML extensively, so that’s interesting. Bootstrap is a life-saver. If I were going to sleep tonight, I think I’d be dreaming in divs…

16:11 – I ate an oreo in one bite.

17:23 – That feeling of satisfaction when you realize that the thing you’ve been working on for hours is being done properly…YAY. Learning so much HTML. The only thing that’s bothering me is the code layout; HTML seems so crowded to me.

17:25 – Red bull has been broken out. Awh yeah. Get hyped! Buzzbuzzbuzzbuzzbuzzbuzzbuzzzzzzzzz. Our team has 36 commits (many of which are fixing failures, but oh well). And, I now know what commit means! I’ve also finished 4/12 preliminary HTML layouts.

18:21 – 9/12 layouts! Changed clothing into a super-huge Bloomberg shirt, no big (well, yes big. Haha. Funny. Not.). Amidst my dreams of divs and Bootstrap, I’m starting to think about dinner. Loving that this hackathon has real food!

Also, we signed up for our T-Shirt Design session! That’s right, we get to paint our own shirts. Such creativity very design much wow.

19:00 – One. More. HTML. Gah. Seriously people, come talk to me about what you’re doing! Save me from the divs! I’ll take a selfie and put it in the blog too!

19:54 – Very happy hacker over here: I finished my HTML layouts! During my breaks, I showed bewildered Americans Canadian money, ate Laffy Taffy (banana yummm), and sang the Canadian national anthem in French to prove that I’m “actually from Canada”. Next up, dinner!

22:13 – Just made my first “commit” ever! :DDDDDDD


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